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You don’t have to dread the end of the pay period anymore

Easily and accurately process payroll across all your dealerships without the hassle of a third party

Product Description

Auto/Mate’s Payroll module is a powerful and efficient time-tracking tool and processing application complete with time-saving features for employees who process payroll. Auto/Mate’s electronic time clock, as well as our service-to-payroll integration makes hourly and flat-rate tech time tracking seamless and automatic.

How Payroll Can Help Your Dealership:

  • Quick processing and detailed reporting

  • Automatically archive payroll into the Accounting module

  • Generate NACHA, W2s, tax calculations and 401k reports

Pay your employees easily and accurately with Time/Mate™

Make your employees’ lives less complicated by having them punch in right inside the DMS, rather than navigating to an additional third party system. And Auto/Mate’s Payroll makes uploading flat-rate hours in the service department a breeze.

Automate the process with more security

Payroll automatically aggregates all hourly employees’ time and sends them over to you to review. It also pulls in your service department time sheets, greatly minimizing the amount of manual data entry you have to perform. Payroll automatically uploads to the Accounting module once completed and is archived for future reference. Get the job done with ease, convenience and peace of mind with enhanced security and increased permissions.

Better than outsourcing to a third party

Why pay to use a third party payroll system that offers lousy support when your DMS provides a solution with support from real dealership experts?Troubleshooting is always easier when a real person answers the phone. We understand how precious time can be, so don’t waste it waiting on hold with a third party.


Looking for this information in PDF form?

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