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Introducing the COVID-19 Dealership Loan Navigator

CARES? PPP? EIDL? With the new government relief programs announced recently, there’s a lot to keep track of.

Auto/Mate has teamed up with DealerSocket and our sister company QuickBase to provide dealers a free tool that helps them determine which loans they’re eligible to apply for. This initiative is aimed at helping you better understand the level of assistance that might be available to you and saving you the time it would take to familiarize yourself with these assistance programs.

Getting started is easy. Head over to and simply follow the prompts. There is contextual information located at the bottom of each screen to help you understand why certain information is required and outline COVID-19 relief loans in more detail.

If you have any questions regarding using the Loan Navigator, you can contact support at 888-312-1233.

We hope this free resource will help your business save what little time you have and educate you on any relief that’s available for your dealerships to take advantage of.


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