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Maximize profits by offering the best possible deal to your customers

Quick, efficient and precise deal calculations allow you to present a variety of different options to your customer.

Product Description

Auto/Mate’s Sales & Finance Module is designed to help sales departments provide the customer with a clear and quick car buying experience while also increasing their per unit retail gross profit. Intuitive and straightforward screens make it easy to present your customer with custom proposals using our A/B comparison and multi-quote features. With Sales & Finance, we provide sales and F&I departments a one-stop shop for creating, closing and billing deals, as well as integrations to credit providers, valuation tools and financing sources.

How Sales & Finance Can Help Your Dealership:

  • Show multiple vehicle and payment options

  • Process credit and ensure compliance

  • Access to eDEAL™ Signature Capture for digital deals and less paper

  • Value inventory and trades using NADA Bookout and Kelley Blue Book

Show multiple vehicle and payment options.

Increase customer satisfaction by giving carbuyers options with side-by-side A/B comparisons all on one screen. With our multi-quote feature, you can also show multiple payment options that fit your customers’ budget and drill down into accounting cost, service history and vehicle inventory.

Process credit and ensure compliance using several vendors.

We offer integrations to credit providers including Dealertrack, RouteOne and CUDL, as well as a direct integration with 700Credit. Our integration to 700Credit comes equipped with a compliance dashboard to monitor credit reporting and auditing requirements, quick access to Red Flag alerts and the ability to send adverse action letters to your customers.

Access to eDEAL™ Signature Capture for digital deals and less paper.

eDEAL™ Signature Capture allows F&I staff to accept and store electronically signed documents from their customers using digital PDF forms. This allows the dealership to store all forms digitally and send an email to the customer with all documentation attached, drastically reducing the amount of paper used to print impact forms.

Value inventory and trades using NADA Bookout and Kelley Blue Book.

Accurately and competitively price your vehicles and customer trades with our integrations to NADA Bookout and Kelley Blue Book. Based on criteria like mileage, physical condition and accessories, you can be sure you give your customers a fair, but competitive, retail or trade-in price. Increase your transparency with customers by taking advantage of the same tools they use when looking for a new vehicle.

These integrations make your workflow more streamlined and result in fewer incorrect manual data entries performed by your salespeople.



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