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When your customers save time scheduling their own appointments, you do too

Our online service appointment solution eliminates the need for your customers to call your dealership.

Product Description

Bringing in a car for service can be stressful for your customers. Make sure they get the most out of their visit to your dealership’s service department with Rev/Mate. This Fixed Ops module allows your customers to create their own account and track their service history themselves. Rev/Mate also displays factory-recommended maintenance in a clean and easy-to-read menu and gives your customers good, better and best comparisons of everything they need to maintain their vehicles. Increase your hours per RO and gross profit with this user-friendly module that fully integrates with AMPS®!

How Rev/Mate™ Can Help Your Dealership:

  • Ability to control service appointment scheduling and transportation needs

  • Factory-recommended maintenance with ability to add dealership recommendations

  • Communicate via text or email with your customers

Never leave the DMS. Keep track of all of your service appointments and recommended maintenance right inside the Service Front-End portion of AMPS®. Not to mention, you’ll never have to manually enter appointment info into AMPS when you convert an RO to a work-in-progress.

Streamline service scheduling, prevent overbooking and have work in your shop all day long

No more uncertainty about whether your technicians are going to have a slow day with no work. Rev/Mate let’s you know exactly when your customers are coming in and what repairs they’re coming in for. Improve communication with these customers at the same time with email and mobile confirmations of scheduled repairs.

Provide Good, Better and Best options through menu-selling to your customers

Want to provide your customers with an interactive menu that shows them recommended factory maintenance? You can now accomplish this with good, better and best scenarios with pricing for all factory makes and models. This customer-friendly feature of Rev/Mate also gives you the ability to integrate recommended maintenance into your website and mobile devices used in the dealership.



Looking for this information in PDF form?

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