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Meet Your Customers Right in the Service Lane

Mobile Service Consultant takes your service advisors right to the vehicle to begin the write-up process with a tablet.

Product Description

Are your current paper processes holding you back from giving customers the best possible experience in your service department? With a tablet in hand, Mobile Service Consultant enables your service advisors to greet customers right at the service lane to begin the walk-around and write-up process.

No longer does a trip to the dealership have to be an all-day errand. Reduce customer turnaround time and forget your dependence on the dealership’s printer. Customers can quickly verify the work they are coming in for with estimated pricing, sign any disclaimers and receive an email copy of the repair order all on a tablet.

Main Menu

Greet your customers the second they arrive right in the service drive and collect all of their basic information. This menu provides you a day-to-day summary of all service customers, what time they came in and the model of the car serviced.


How Mobile Service Consultant Can Help Your Dealership:

  • No messy paper process

  • Improved customer experience & transparency

  • Greater chance at upselling

  • Signature capture

VIN Scanning

With just a couple of taps on your mobile tablet, you can scan a customer’s VIN and access the electronic MPI form, quick operations list, OEM information and previously recommended service and estimates.

Appointment Detail

Present appointment details to customers such as services being performed, dealership disclaimers and customer information. Make edits as needed and allow customers to approve or decline services.

MPI & Signature Capture

The electronic MPI form allows you to inspect the current condition, any immediate repairs needed and areas of the vehicle that will require service in the future. Plus, all of your MPIs archive in the system forever so that you can reference any past inspection for a customer. Have customers sign off on any accepted or rejected service and other important documents all in one place at one time.


Looking for this information in PDF form?

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