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Assign the right job to the right tech at the right time

Dispatching eliminates tech downtime and paper processes in your service department.

Product Description

Is your dealership suffering from poor efficiency from paper processes and manual communication? Ditch the messy paper trail, and deliver repaired cars to your customers at the promised times with Dispatch. This module, part of our fixed ops suite, helps service managers, advisors, technicians and dispatchers who need to fix cars faster and increase productivity.

By giving technicians access to the tech console, they can access the repair order electronically, see vehicle history and type all of their notes into the system, rather than dealing with paper and manual punches. Now you can make sure the right jobs go to the right technicians.

Are you under-delivering promised completion times to your customers? With more and more carbuyers choosing third party mechanics to repair their vehicles, it’s now more important than ever to give your customers the best experience possible. Our custom alert system within Dispatch lets you know when you’re approaching a promised time, technicians have punched in and a job has gone unassigned for too long. This helps advisors stay up to speed on what’s going on in the service bay without leaving your workstation.

How Dispatch Can Help Your Dealership:

  • Fix customers’ vehicles quickly

  • Distribute work to the right technician

  • Tech productivity at the bay

  • Improved communication

  • Meet promised times

Give your service department the tools to increase productivity and efficiency, generate more revenue and provide the best customer experience possible.

Put you techs in the DMS

Less time walking around looking for the right information or paperwork. More time fixing cars.

Improved communications with the OEMs

MPI, vehicle history, OEM information, parts requests… all from the tech console.

See current status with drill downs

Give your techs access to all repair order details, parts and other works in progress.

Customized alert system

Manage time, customer experience and deliver a better experience.

Manual or Automatic

Manually control who gets the work, or configure the Dispatch module to do it for you.

Route Sheet

Your route sheet shows you in real-time what’s happening in the shop all within one view:

  • Summary and detail view

  • Electronic MPI form

  • Pop-up customer contact information

  • Quick keyword searches

  • Customer alert ticker tape

  • Service Pricing Guide access

  • Vehicle history

  • OEM interface


Looking for this information in PDF form?

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