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F&I managers are experiencing a 20% profit increase

Sell the right product that fits your customers’ needs with our menu-selling system


Product Description

Are your F&I managers presenting every product to every customer to maximize up-selling opportunities? Are you still using a paper menu-selling system, or one at all? More than 80 percent of dealerships are increasing their profits every single day with F&I menu tools! Now is the time to check out Option/Mate™ and increase customer satisfaction, engagement and retention.

How Option/Mate™ Can Help Your Dealership:

  • Increase up-sell opportunities

  • Generate more revenue

  • Streamline your F&I process

Confirm declined and added products for your customer to accept with selected options & forfeited product reports

With Option/Mate’s declined products screen, your customers get that “one last chance” to consider buying any additional products while preserving your dealership’s records as well. By signing off on approved and declined products, your dealership can maintain transparency and ensure that the customer walks away happy.

Ditch the paper, and eContract all of your service contracts

No more leaving the customer behind to go back and forth to the printer. Save some trees and send digital copies of vehicle service contracts. Quick and easy submission of this information right through Option/Mate streamlines your F&I process!


Disclosure Statements break down all items of the deal in a simple, understandable display

Improve the customer’s F&I experience by creating a sense of trust and transparency — factors that affect your customer retention. Our Disclosure Statement presents the list of products customers opt in for in a way that’s easy to comprehend.



Looking for this information in PDF form?

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