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Who has time to deal with a third party?

Auto/Mate’s time clock solution makes processing payroll a breeze

Product Description

Auto/Mate’s electronic time clock performs with all the same functionality as a third-party solution and at a more reasonable price. All hourly punched time seamlessly flows into Payroll and reports show regular, double and overtime. Managers can also access the reports for a department-by-department view. A simple icon appears in the taskbar and employees can punch in and out, as well as review all their time punches.

How Time/Mate™ Can Help Your Dealership:

  • Can be used with Payroll or independently

  • Generate reports for regular, double and overtime

  • Never leave the DMS

Same functionality with better support than a third party.

Time/Mate is a perfect substitute for overpriced third-party payroll products. Why spend your precious time waiting on hold for support when you can have the phone picked up by somebody with years of actual dealership experience?

Save time and streamline payroll workflow in the dealership.

All time is recorded digitally, which means you can finally say goodbye to all the wasted time reviewing manual punches. Now, when there’s a discrepancy in time punches or need to reference the pay period from last month, you can easily and conveniently search for the archived PDF report.

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