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Is Auto/Mate a web or server-based system?
Your choice! Auto/Mate offers both an ASP (web-based) or server-based configuration and the flexibility to switch from one to the other if needed. We can help you decide which system is best for your dealership(s). Easy Peasy!

Will I need to purchase all new equipment?
Absolutely not! In most cases we can use your existing PC’s and laser printers. We will provide you with an internet router and/or server. The Auto/Mate system requires an Okidata 421 (or better) Turbo printer for printing your F&I impact forms.

I don’t have an IT staff. Will I need to hire a company to set up everything?
Hire one now! Just kidding! Auto/Mate will send out one of our hardware superstar engineers to your dealership(s) prior to the installation to ensure that everything is ready for implementation.

Do I have to run a back-up every night?
Hi, 1984 called and they want their back-up tapes back! With Auto/Mate all of your back-ups are handled automatically. Whether you choose ASP or server, we’ll do all the heavy lifting! You data is 100% secure with us!

Is Auto/Mate a Windows™ based (GUI) application?
Yes/No/Maybe so! The Auto/Mate client software is a Windows™ application. However, all of the data and databases are housed on a server running Linux. Linux is a more stable Windows™. So we’re smart and use that.

Who owns the data on the server?
We do and we will hold it from you forever, kidding again! That’s our competitors. You own your data. Auto/Mate has never and will never sell your data. When given written authorization from you, Auto/Mate will create access for third party companies to mine the data.

Will I need to purchase updates to make sure my system is current?
No way Jose! With Auto/Mate you receive FREE, yup we said FREE, software updates for life! As the software develops and changes we roll it out to you at no charge.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract with Auto/Mate?
Hope you’re sitting down; I know this is going to sound crazy! No contracts here. We believe in earning your business each and every month. So only month to month agreements with us.

Will I need to purchase pre-printed forms?
With the exception of F&I contract forms everything prints on plain paper. No forms, no problems!

Do you have communications with my manufacturer?
With the exception of just a few foreign manufacturers we have fully integrated DCS communications. We pride ourselves on the relationships that we have built with the OEM’s and are usually the first with new releases.

Can I use my existing AP/Payroll stock for checks?
Unfortunately no. We ask that you order your first box of checks from us and after that you are free to purchase them from wherever you choose.

What about my data?
Auto/Mate offers the most comprehensive data conversion in the industry hands down.

Do you provide training?
Absolutely! We send out a team of skilled automotive specialists during the installation. This team is made of former dealership employees. They’ve sat in your seats and know how to do your job, which makes for a higher quality of training. These same trainers are the ones who also handle our support inbound calls. Calls that are always answered by a live person. No automated prompts and codes here. Real people, real support!

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