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4 Benefits of Centralized Accounting

Multistore dealers are using centralized accounting practices to improve consistency, productivity, and customer and partner relationships — and, most importantly, save time and money. As seen in Auto Dealer Today, July 2016.

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What Really Motivates Employees?

The carrot-and-stick approach is losing its appeal as leaders find new ways to encourage productivity. As seen in Auto Dealer Monthly, June 2016.

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How to Score a Product Sale – Months Later

Got customers who are reluctant to open their wallets when they enter the F&I office? Follow up with them months later, after they've had time to adjust to their vehicle payment, suggests Mike Esposito. Dealerships should also use technology to shorten F&I wait times and customize each F&I product menu to the consumer at hand.

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Three Pricing Strategies to Boost Profits in the Parts Department

The good news is it's not only possible, but actually pretty easy to increase profitability in your parts department. All that's required are a few tweaks to price settings in your dealership management system (DMS).

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Put Aside Your Reservations About DMS Auto Dispatch Features

If you enforce the system and prevent cherry picking of jobs, then your service department will operate more efficiently.

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Small Adjustments to Parts Pricing Systems Can Make A Huge Difference in the Department’s Profitability

After a year of automatic matrix-pricing and rounding up to .99, could your gross margin have soared by 50%? As featured in Service Drive Magazine by Ken Rock - August 2015

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What Makes Good Companies Great?

Taking a Long Term View. By Mike Esposito, President & CEO, Auto/Mate Dealership Systems - Spring 2015

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Part 2: Costly Hires

Human resources expert returns for Part 2 of his two-part series on costly hires. This time, he lays out a hiring process designed to weed out unqualified or untrustworthy candidates. As featured in F&I Showroom by Dave Druzynski - January 2015

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Part 1: Costly Hires

Human resources expert lays out the costs of a bad hire in Part 1 of his two-part series on dealership hiring practices. As featured in F&I Showroom by Dave Druzynski - December 2014

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Are You a Leader or a Manager?

Good leaders are great at setting priorities, directing resources, keeping strategies on track, overseeing process accountability and operations. These are all important and necessary skills, but sometimes, the very qualities that make a good leader can naturally create a “top down” leadership style that negatively impacts employee morale, customer service and profits... As featured in Dealer Magazine by Mike Esposito - August 2014

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Right Job, Right Technician, Right Time

Is it time to take another look at Auto Dispatch? As featured in Fixed Ops Magazine by Larry Colson - June 2014

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Lead with Commander's Intent

Empower your staff by making your objectives clear and giving them room to work. As featured in Auto Dealer Monthly - June 2014

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