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Report Generators

AMPS® advanced report generators bring the ease of Excel® to DMS reporting. The ease of using a tool that functions like Excel makes learning and customizing reports stress-free. Data fields are listed in an easy-to-understand manner so you can quickly search and identify the fields you need to report on. Easily move fields up, down or delete the ones you don’t want. Only want to see certain criteria like a particular model, labor operation, bin location or G/L account? With our reporting, you can pre-filter the reports so you are only viewing the information you want to see.

Sorting, filtering, creating pivot tables and summarizing data like total, average and count are just a few of the functions built right into reporting. We also give you the ability to transfer reports to Excel with just one click of the export button.

Our enhanced sharing capability allows you to share reports with other users, giving them either read-only or edit rights. You can also schedule a report so that it’s waiting when you arrive in the morning, both in AMPS and in your email inbox.


D.O.C.s & Trends

Is your D.O.C. (Daily Operating Control) out of date and difficult to edit? Auto/Mate builds a D.O.C. for you as part of our installation process. The D.O.C. is easy to edit and update, and each line comes with a wizard tool that shows you how to build the line. Want a D.O.C. for every department? Simply share a page with only the people who wish to view those D.O.C. lines. Now your managers can track their own daily, monthly and yearly figures synced with any changes you make to the D.O.C. We also give you the ability to forecast and track any variances.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see how the past 6 or 12 months have looked side by side? With our enhanced trend analysis, you can see every detail of the dealership in that side-by-side comparison.

Besides powerful tools and important trends, we give you the ability to drill down into the details that are important to you. Simply double click and drill down right to the end transaction level. No more having to go on a scavenger hunt for information — it’s right at your fingertips!



Wouldn’t it be nice to see a snapshot every morning of how your dealership is performing? Dash/Mate gives you that insight to help create better decisions in the dealership. Any line item from your D.O.C. can be made into a customizable widget on your dashboard. Each person you grant access to Dash/Mate can set up their own widgets based on the reports they have access to, and the enhanced security allows you to pick and choose what your managers can see. Set up side-by-side comparisons looking at this month, last month and even last year!


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