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Ready to consider your DMS a part of your team?

Financial Management that is accurate and easy to use.

Accounting is the backbone of the dealership. Besides processing the transactions that the dealership departments create each day, the Accounting department needs to have a way to post, review, and audit everything that happens. AMPS Accounting Suite will provide a solid structure for your dealership.


Accounting, Accounts Payables, & Accounts Receivables

Sales, F&I, Service, and Parts all easily integrate to the Accounting application. Advanced set-ups allow you to pre-populate what items go to what G/L (general ledger) account. That way when you are posting those daily transactions all you have to do is review and post, no hand keying!

Detailed reports such as Schedules, General Ledgers, Profit & Loss summaries, and Monthly transactions journals by source can be viewed right on screen, so no more having to print out lengthy and costly to print reports. What’s even better is that they all archive automatically when you close the month!

Speaking of month end, are you still running a tape back up every night and at the end of the month? Not with us, Backup/Mate® takes care of your nightly and month back-ups for you, no more tapes, no more printing out your accounting reports. What a time saver!

Financial statement viewing and detailing is easy with our simple drill down capabilities.

Accounts Payables can be paid via Batch, One Vendor or EFT processing for quick real-time payments. No long time consuming reviews. Everything views right on the screen. Have multiple locations? No problem with our inter-company cross posting. Quickly expense across multiple locations with one simple function.

Accounts Receivable can be balance forward or Open Items. Easily clear items individually or with balance amount. Without Open Items Clearing program PDF cash receipts populate on screen and can always be reprinted.


  • Accounting Main Menu
    No longer do you need to remember number or letter codes to perform functions. Everything in Auto/Mate in plain English! So users can quickly learn and navigate the menu’s.
  • Doc/Mate®
    Doc/Mate is your in-system archive menu. Every time you close the month all of your detailed accounting reports are moved to Doc/Mate so you always can access them.


Payroll with Electronic Timecard

Time/Mate® allows your dealership to get rid of that old manual punch time clock. Now any PC that has Auto/Mate® on it your employees can punch in and out of the system. This isn’t just for your hourly employees. Time/Mate® gives you the ability to control and review all employees, hourly, flat rate or salaried. Review, edit, and print PDF timecards prior to processing payroll.

Payroll no longer has to be a full day process. Our simple to use payroll system allows you to enter, track, calculate and pay your employees quickly. Direct deposit available at no additional charge. All tax reporting built right in to the module.


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