Auto/Mate Dealership Systems

Auto/Mate Dealership Systems

About Us

It all started in the 1970's when Wang Laboratories® developed Auto/Mate to be a world-class Finance and Insurance (F&I) system. When Wang ceased operations, Steve Fullum, their chief software architect, acquired the rights to the software and later founded Auto/Mate Dealership Systems. Today, Auto/Mate has a customer base of over 1,150 dealerships nationwide. Read more about Auto/Mate's history here.

What Makes Us Special?

Auto/Mate provides the best DMS software and best customer service. Our original mission to create more affordable, flexible, easy-to-use, name brand software with better support still holds true more than thirty years later.

View our original mission statement here to see why Auto/Mate is...

A Dealership Management System "Designed By Car People For Car People™"