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  • Document Management: Choosing the Right Solution
    by Bill Leslie, CFO, Scan 123 I recently called a company in another state that I do business with. It’s a large company with dozens of customer service representatives. I needed to talk to them about some documents that I had.. READ MORE
  • How to Tell if a Job Candidate is Self-Motivated
    by Mike Esposito Every manager and leader knows this conundrum. On one hand, you're supposed to motivate your employees. On the other hand, we all know the best employees are self-motivated. It's always a disappointment when you hire a.. READ MORE
  • July In the News Roundup
    Did you see Auto/Mate in the news this month? Publications   Car Biz Today 8 Steps to Build a Stronger Team Do your employees function as a team? When it comes to team building, many leaders talk the talk but don't walk the.. READ MORE
  • Customer Spotlight: Price Auto Group
    [caption id="attachment_7189" align="alignleft" width="300"] This photo of Warren Price hangs over the main door in Price Auto Group's Honda store.[/caption] This year marks Price Auto Group's 25th anniversary as an Auto/Mate customer! The Delaware-based automotive group has been using.. READ MORE
  • Are You Ready to Grow Your Dealership to the Next Level?
    by Mike Esposito Do you want to grow your business? Perhaps you are a 'next generation' owner about to take over your family's dealership. Or perhaps you want to retire soon, so you are thinking about selling. Or maybe.. READ MORE
  • Top 10 Travel Tips from Auto/Mate’s Road Warriors
    Auto/Mate is well known for its award-winning service and support. Part of that commitment to our customers involves traveling—and a lot of it! In 2017 alone, Auto/Mate's customer support and technical team members have logged nearly 200,000 miles.. READ MORE
  • How to Avoid Sales End-of-the-Month Catch Up
    by Josh Blick, Dashboard Dealership Enterprises If you're in dealership management you're probably familiar with the routine. No matter how great your intentions are to keep a steady sales pace all month, it’s month-end and you're playing catch up... READ MORE
  • June In the News Round Up
    Did you see Auto/Mate in the news this month? In case you missed us, here's the latest.   Publications Remember Customer Nights? It's Pizza and Actionable Insights Car Biz Today Remember Customer Nights? They're making a comeback and many dealers are hosting them.. READ MORE
  • How do I activate the new Inquiry, Cash Receipts and Accounts Receivable (A/R) Receipting software updates?
    Many of our customers are under the impression that to get these new software updates you have to call us and we will send the update out. This is actually not true! These three recent software enhancements have already.. READ MORE
  • 8 Signs Your Employees Function as a Team
    by Mike Esposito   Many dealers realize that to improve their customer experience, they need to first improve their employee experience. When your employees are happy, they automatically take better care of your customers. Additionally, there are significant cost benefits.. READ MORE
  • Are Your Phones Losing You Revenue?
    by Bill Wittenmyer, Partner with ELEAD1ONE, a division of Data Software Services, L.L.C. When you call a business to seek assistance or information, what irritates you the most: the seemingly impossible chore of navigating phone trees to get to.. READ MORE
  • May In the News Round Up
    Here is a round up of the latest news from Auto/Mate.   Publications  Automotive News Survivors of DMS shifts tell their tales In this article by Vince Bond Jr., Mike Esposito shares tips for dealers that are considering switching DMS vendors.   Automotive News CDK buys.. READ MORE
  • Heat Can’t Keep Team Auto/Mate Down
    Once again Team Auto/Mate dominated the CDPHP® Workforce Team Challenge, a 3.5-mile race that takes place every year in Albany, NY. Last week a team of 20 runners from Auto/Mate joined a group of 10,000 who turned out.. READ MORE
  • How does your software development team prioritize projects?
    At Auto/Mate we are constantly updating our software with new and improved features. Unlike some other dealership management system (DMS) vendors, we don't charge our customers for new releases to our software. Every existing Auto/Mate customer gets our.. READ MORE
  • To Improve The Customer Experience, First Learn What It Is
    by Mike Esposito It seems like improving the customer experience is this year's catch phrase. Everyone is talking about it, from dealers to consultants and technology vendors. But to improve the customer experience, you must first have a good.. READ MORE

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