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  • Are You a Servant Leader or a Selfish Leader?
    By Mike Esposito What is a servant leader? Robert Greenleaf was the founder of the modern servant leadership movement, and he said it best: “It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve first. Then conscious choice.. READ MORE
  • Customer Spotlight: Kunes Country Auto Group
    Kunes Country Auto Group owns 14 franchises in Wisconsin and Illinois, and recently seven of those stores made the annual Automotive News "Best Dealerships to Work For" list. In case you're not familiar with this honor, this is.. READ MORE
  • How to Get Where You’re Going
    by Mike Esposito One of my favorite quotes from Yogi Berra is "If you don't know where you're going, you may wind up someplace else." If you're managing a dealership, you know this is true. You manage with a.. READ MORE
  • Drive More Leads from your Website Using Soft-Pull Data
    By: Susan Burke, VP Product & Marketing, 700Credit LLC   [caption id="attachment_7462" align="alignleft" width="300"] Susan Burke, VP Product & Marketing, 700Credit LLC[/caption] Do you want more leads from your website? If you answered no, you can stop reading now. If you.. READ MORE
  • October In the News Roundup
      In case you missed us, here is a roundup of Auto/Mate appearances in October.   Publications   Create the Best Reward System for Your Team Auto Dealer Today Is your reward system outdated? Mike Esposito shares tips on how to show your employees that.. READ MORE
  • Auto/Mate Customers Acquire Tools and Resources for Success at User Summit in San Antonio
    More than 100 Auto/Mate customers attended the fifth annual User Summit in San Antonio. This year's User Summit was our most successful to date, spanning three days and offering a variety of educational workshops, presentations and training sessions... READ MORE
  • Squashing Sales Turnover Starts with Recruiting
  • The End Doesn’t Justify the Means
    by Mike Esposito As business leaders, one of the ways we help our employees reach goals is to establish processes. There are dozens of processes in the dealership, from the meet and greet on the lot to service lane.. READ MORE
  • Success is a Science, Not an Art
    by Alex Masten, Brand Manager, DealerOps It is so much easier for us to believe that success is a work of art, not a science. It makes successful people feel special for being born with a certain “magic” to.. READ MORE
  • September In the News Roundup
    In case you haven't had time to keep up with Auto/Mate's latest news, here's a roundup of what you missed. Publications Six Tips for Building a Strong Sales and F&I Team F&I Showroom Industry Summit conference issue When your sales and F&I.. READ MORE
  • Customer Spotlight: Price Auto Group
    [caption id="attachment_7189" align="alignleft" width="300"] This photo of Warren Price hangs over the main door in Price Auto Group's Honda store.[/caption] This year marks Price Auto Group's 25th anniversary as an Auto/Mate customer! The Delaware-based automotive group has been using.. READ MORE
  • Fear-Based Motivation
    Fear can be an effective catalyst for motivation. For example, if your boss tells you to get your project done on time or you will lose your job, you can be sure you’re going to do everything in.. READ MORE
  • The Employee Who Knew Too Much
    by Mike Esposito Shared knowledge isn't exactly a buzzword or something that many managers think of on a daily basis, until the lack of it causes chaos in your dealership. Have you ever had an employee who is exceptionally.. READ MORE
  • Webinar: The Auto Dealer’s 5-Step Guide to Team Building
    Do your employees work together as a team? Are they enthusiastic about achieving your vision and goals for your dealership? If not, your dealership is probably suffering from low productivity, poor customer retention and problems with employee morale... READ MORE
  • August In the News Roundup
    In case you missed it, here is the latest news from Auto/Mate!   Publications The Generational Battle in Service Fixed Ops Magazine On one side is the “old timers” who have been with you for 10 or 20 years. On the other side.. READ MORE

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